Useful Tips for Novice Web Designers

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09 May 2019 09:43:04 am
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Useful Tips for Novice Web Designers

09 May 2019

Starting out as a web designer can be a bit challenging because the industry is populated with so many web designers.

You may even be confused about what advice is worth listening to and the one you should discard.

If you are in this dilemma, we have some useful tips which are just what you need to stand out as a web designer.

Here are the useful tips for a novice web designer

  • Create your professional website and never neglect it
Many web designers are so busy with creating just the perfect website for clients. They usually forget to create and update their website from time to time.
If you are just starting out, please ensure you avoid making this mistake. This is because your website is a reflection of you as a web developer. It is just like your professional CV and potential clients love to see what you are capable of. 
Hence, we encourage you to have a good professional website.

  • Stick to a few typefaces
As a novice web designer, you are on the quest to try everything to create a beautiful web design for a client.
However, you should be careful when using typefaces because you are just starting out and chances are you will make a mess of everything.
Hence, you should try to keep it simple when working with fonts. Over time, you can evolve after learning more about web design. 

  • Make use of quality images that sends the right message
Quality images are very important. They have a way of attracting customers to website and also keep them revisiting the website.
Ensure your images sends just the right message to your customers. You should also make sure your image correlates with the purpose or aim of the website.

  • Design with mobile in mind
Responsive web design is very key when designing a website. People don’t have such luxury to wait for a slow website. Therefore, ensure you learn how to achieve a responsive website.

  • The easier the navigation, the better
Ensure users can easily navigate around the website. Don’t make the website cumbersome or difficult to navigate around. Therefore, you should have your users or customers in mind when designing a website.

  • Go colors best kind of color
A website should have a color scheme. Avoid using so many colors on a website because it can be so distracting and users may find it as a turn-off.

Therefore, if the logo is a primary color, choose other secondary colors to complement the primary color.

On a final note, just keep learning and evolving. All the best!

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