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09 May 2019

Studies have shown that photos have a major impact on sales, so it's imperative that you take quality product pictures to attract your potential customers and clients.

In fact, most people value your products based on the quality of your visual presentation. This explains why having high-quality, beautiful product photography can go a long way.

Unfortunately, a large percentage of small and medium-sized business owners do not have the financial capacity to hire a professional photographer to take quality pictures.

Therefore, the best solution to the above issue is to learn how to take the perfect product picture for your brand.

Fortunately, we have some product photography tips and tricks which you can utilize to get the perfect product picture.

Get a good camera
This should be the first on your list of tips for product photography. You don't need to get a really expensive camera to take product pictures.
You just need to get something handy and good enough to take the product.
This is because the camera is only one piece of the whole puzzle.
A photograph is made up of a series of efforts put together that includes: lighting, exposure, styling, and post-processing.

Use a tripod
A tripod helps gives width to the depth of field. This helps to define the area of sharp focus.
You don't need to spend a whole lot of money to get a tripod. You can check some online stores to get it at a really good price

White background is important
A white background is vital for taking a picture. They help to make your pictures look clean, attractive and beautiful. Also, it’s easy to remove when editing your images.

You should go for a cheap option is to go to your local drugstore or art store and buy some poster board. Ensure you look for pure white as off-white or cream will be more difficult.

Get a shooting table
To get a good shot, a standard, 24-27 inch wide folding table works best.

Ensure you get your lighting right
Lightning decides the quality of your image. Therefore, it is important you get the lighting right. There are two ways to get lightning for your product pictures which are: Natural light and studio light.
Since you are working on a budget, you should use natural lighting which is usually the best.
Therefore, it is best you take your product pictures during the day.

Don't forget to edit your image
This is also an important aspect of taking a product picture. Download a good editing app and edit the picture where necessary to ensure you have a quality picture.

Hope you find these tips useful? Don't forget to drop a comment below.
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